frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

Q: When is the right time to reach out to the Fitch hill team?

You can reach out to us anytime. Since our team is able to handle projects from start to finish, you should reach out to us as early as possible. The pre-construction process typically takes about 2-3 months before any design work or construction could even begin.

Q: What are next steps? What do we do to get started?

If you haven’t already filled out our intake form then that is where you need to start. Once you have done that you will be taken through our automated process that will guide you each step of the way. Our process is very important to us as it allows us to provide you with the best experience and outcome for your home.

Q: what is the approximate timeline for each of your services?

As you probably know, supply chain issues are hitting every industry, including ours, so lead times vary, which can affect the timeline of your project. However, to design + build a home from beginning to end, you should plan on 12-24 months. Our renovation projects vary depending on the scope of the project. We work quickly and efficiently, and can give you a fairly accurate timeline expectation when you inquire about your project. Generally, this takes 6-12 months depending on the scope of your design.

Q: How can I get an estimate for total build or renovation costs?

While we can give you some ballpark estimates in our initial call, we need approved designs in order to provide fully accurate construction estimates. We will provide you with a flat rate design fee at the beginning of the project and once designs are finalized and approved, we will provide you with a detailed and accurate construction bid. When reviewing construction bids, it's very important to look closely at the scope to make sure that any bids you are comparing are based on similar inclusions and exclusions. Our team will always be as transparent and realistic as possible when providing any costs. It's good to be wary of any bids that you may get that are much lower that the others as it can signal an inexperienced contractor and may end up costing much, much more in the long run in delays, issues, or "change" fees.

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